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Molecular Technologies, LTD has served over a score of clients, some with short term and others with longer term project assignments.  Work with clients to deliver inventions covered by US patents include water soluble biodegradable paint remover formulations, an engineering design of a machine used in magnet wire manufacturing and the selection of the polymer combinations employed in the electrical insulation for insulated winding wire. With expertise in emulsifiers, polymers, and formulation technologies, a number of additional US patent applications have been filed by other clients.  

A Medium Sized Chemical Client - Process Improvement

The client needed help improving the price point of a specialty chemical.     The result was several improvements:

  • increased throughput (30%), better reaction speed (15%) and

  • increased yield (45%) at a significant reduction in the overall cost.  

A Specialty Instrument Manufacturing Company - Failure Analysis
A client needed to settle a dispute with a supplier.  After a forensic evaluation and a specialized literature search, a detailed report covering the chemical mechanisms of the high temperature ablation reactions that caused the failures helped settle the issues.
A Chemical Equipment Company - A need to REACH

A client had an immediate need to have chemical equipment approved to sell product into the European market after it was discovered the chemical used now required extra documentation.  Molecular Technologies, LTD was able to satisfy all of the requirements needed for REACH approvals.  Within one week all of the information for the required documentation was obtained. 

A Chemical Formulator - Unique Formulations


A client needed several unique formulations to improve his product offereings.  An understanding of the client's existing internal raw material stock was the key to supplying several new formulations and in making recommendations of additional additives for improvements to the entire product portfolio.

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