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To provide clients with services that provide them with superior business solutions in the chemical and material sciences areas.

Solving Problems for clients for 17 years



Molecular Technologies, LTD services include expanding patent portfolios, providing expert witness testimony, literature searches & reviews, formulation improvements, determining chemical mechanisms, providing custom chemical syntheses and forensics evaluations. 



A west coast client was thrilled with the 50% improvement in sales which came from inserting new steps into the existing plant procedure and with the training of the plant personnel.


A manufacturing client was awarded a two million dollar Phase II grant after deter mining all of the chemical mech-anisms in a major product introduction. 



Molecular Technologies, LTD works with a variety of businesses - from nonprofit and individuals to large manufacturing firms. Clients from all over the world have benefitted.  Molecular Technologies, LTD strives to supply critical information and technology to strategically help each client.

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